• Carol is a gifted healer. She has studied many modalities and combines what she knows with God and the angels to create a loving and wonderful session for every client that she works with.

    Laurie H.
  • Carol's knowledge and skills are excellent, and combine with her compassion and care to create a very meaningful experience.

    Karen G.
  • Carol's knowledge and skill of massage is impressive, always willing to adapt to what is needed at the time. I sleep like a baby and my body is ache free, very healing

    Stephanie H.
  • Liked everything and felt so good. Liked how I felt the next day too!

    Peggy C.
  • Carol uses her intuition and her guidance to get at the sore spots. She allows me to gently let go of the stress that is causing pain. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a healing massage

    Vivien N.
  • Loved this retreat! Women empowering other women is such a great thing. I had so much fun and have so much more energy today! :)

    Kate M.
  • Carol is wonderful! She is extensively trained and is very skilled at applying het training to address my needs. I highly recommend her.

    Nancy P.
  • Another FANTASTIC Experience ! The hot Sedona Stone was ever so relaxing and felt Awesome ! It was amazing how relaxed your dogs were with me - Magical ! Will give more comments when I next hoprfully see you in 3 weeks. YOU HELPED ME SOOO MUCH !!
    Dick Q.
  • Carol is amazing in all ways!

    Cathy M.
  • Very impressed. Thanks Carol

    Suzana S.